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Foraminifera Gallery - illustrated catalog
Welcome to the illustrated catalog of the Project, which wants to build a link between science and community.
Send us your sand or rock sample and we extract forams and shoot images for free. Contact us.

This project depends on both of you: Contribute as a scientist  /  Study foraminifera as a non-scientist
Atlas of Portugues Foraminifera

Foraminifera form a considerable part of Earth biomass and are in the fossil record
since at least 542.000.000 B.C., but are mainly ignored by the public.
With this non-commercial project we want to foster the interest
in these precious and basal forms of life.

Boudagher-Fadel, MK; (2013) Biostratigraphic and Geological Significance of Planktonic Foraminifera
now 681 images integrated
Online 17th of September 2014: 8566 forams

Orobias biumbonata Galloway and Harlton, 1928
Oklahoma, USA
image provided by American Museum of Natural History, NY
Tetrataxis concava Galloway and Ryniker, 1930
Atoka formation of Oklahoma
image provided by American Museum of Natural History, NY
Endothyra whitesidei Galloway and Ryniker, 1930
Atoka formation of Oklahoma
image provided by American Museum of Natural History, NY
Orobias biumbonata
Tetrataxis concava
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Beauty of Nature
Beauty of Nature
HMS Challenger Collection
Plate 41
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Atlas of Maastrichtian Foraminifera
The fossil foraminifera of the
Tertiary basin of Vienna
Tertiary Foraminifera  Vienna Basin
Key to Genera
Key to Genera
classify your specimens
by selecting typical features
from drawings
Forams in the Sternberger Gestein
Lenticulina Robulus osnabrugensis
Paleozoic Foraminifera
Paleozoic Foraminifera
Thanks to Dr. James E. Conkin and Prof. Barbara M. Conkin we are now able to work on Paleozoic Foraminifera. We started with Carboniferous foraminifera. [more]
Mikhalevich Classification
Mikhalevich Classification
Type Specimens
A type specimen is the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made. Thanks to Prof. Michael A. Kaminski and Dr. Claudia G. Cetean we are able to show 64 type specimens in the collections of the Natural History Museum London.   [more]
The Plummercell Slide Collection of
Karl-Otto Bock
Plummercell Slide Collection of Karl-Otto Bock
Karl-Otto Bock collects since long foraminifera as a hobby. In the course of time he has produced 150+ plummercell slides. We found a way to bring his slides online showing each single field with just a click.      [Check it out]
Index Foraminifera
Index Foraminifera Upper Cretaceous
Foraminifera are commonly used as index fossils, also called marker or guide fossils. An index foraminifera may indicate from which geological time the sedimentary rock is, the foraminifera is found in. We show easily recognizable species         [more]
Free Introduction to Forams
Introduction to Foraminiferology
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