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Endothyra baileyi (Hall, 1858)

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from Spergen Hill, Washington County, Indiana, USA     

Salem Limestone            early Visean, Mississippian, Carboniferous

View of a specimen of Endothyra baileyi (Hall, 1858)

Specimen is provided by Herb and Michael from Louisville, Kentucky

The taxonomic suggestion is made by Michael based upon:
Fauna of the Salem Limestone of Indiana section written by E.R. Cumings, J.W. Beede, E.B. Branson, and Essie A. Smith in the Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources Thirtieth Annual Report from 1905 on pages 1201-1202.

Endothyra baileyi (Hall, 1858) is probably synonymous to Globoendothyra baileyi (Hall, 1858)
Endothyra baileyi, Spergen Hill, Washington County, Indiana, USA