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Exhibition Foraminifera     

The exhibition "Foraminifera" gives an overview on recent and fossil foraminifera. It explains, what foraminifera are and what they are used for in science and industry. Posters on local findings may be added, if adequate material is available. The exhibition consists of
  • 15-20 DIN-A1 posters with about 300 high quality optical and SEM-images
  • 12 foram plastics made by artist Anna Mandel
  • 3 binoculars with mounted samples from the Antartic, Oligocene, Cretaceous and/or local finds
  • several objects and tools illustrating how micropaleontologists work
  • rocks and sediments from which the forams shown are extracted from
  • Merchandise such as postcards and posters
  • Local talks and training of personnel
  • Plummercells with images of every single field, which may be
    manouvered on a touch screen or shown as a slide show
  • slideshow to be shown on a screen at a wall
  • Support in the concept of a bigger exhibition, which includes ours.
Foram Plastics
two of the foram plastics made by Anna Mandel, sized about 20cm
Foram Poster North Sea
    Poster Eocene Northern Europe                           Poster Faunas of benthic foraminifera
two posters of the German version

The exhibition may be rented worldwide for a small fee plus transport-costs. An introductory talk may be held and an accompanying flyer and invitation poster may be produced. It is available in English and German.


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