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Heterohelix striata (Ehrenberg, 1838)

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found in Brunswick County, North Carolina, USA
in material provided by Eric M Sadorf, North Carolina Fossil Club

Island Creek Member, Peedee Formation, Maastrichtian, Cretaceous

View of one specimen of Heterohelix striata (Ehrenberg, 1838)

SEM picture taken together with Dr. Rosenfeldt
head of the Mikrobiologische Vereinigung Hamburg

The classification is based upon: Tollmann, Alexander,1960. Die Foraminiferenfauna des Oberconiac aus der Gosau des Ausseer Weissenbachtales in Steiermark, Jb . Geol. B. A. Bd. 103 S. 133-203 Wien, Sept. 1960

According to Loeblich and Tappan, 1987 Guembelina is replaced by Heterohelix
           Heterohelix striata, Brunswick County, North Carolina, USA