Sphaeroidinellopsis sphaeroides Lamb, 1969       1   more

Class: Rotaliata  Subclass: Globigerinana  Order: Globigerinida  Family: Globigerinidae
Taxon Profile

found at Pelotas Basin   off Brazil   Brazil   

Geological Time: Neogene  Pliocene  

Images provided by
Dr. G.S. dos Anjos Zerfass

View of a specimen of Sphaeroidinellopsis sphaeroides Lamb, 1969

umbilical view

The identification is based upon:
Bolli, H. M., Saunders, K. Perch-Nielsen, editors, 1985: Plankton stratigraphy in Cambridge University Press 599 pp. Plate 38, Fig. 4-5


dataset number: FEU-1003932

Hesemann, M., 2019: Sphaeroidinellopsis sphaeroides Lamb, 1969. In: Hesemann, M. 2019 Foraminifera.eu Project Database.
Accessed at http://www.foraminifera.eu/single.php?no=1003932&aktion=suche on 2019-1-21