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Class: Rotaliata    Subclass: Rotaliana    Order: Rotaliida    Family: Gavelinellidae
Angulogavelinella gracilis (Marsson, 1878)
Angulogavelinella bettenstaedti Hofker, 1957used in: FREN2000
Anomalina gracilis (Marsson, 1878)used in: FREN2000
Discorbina gracilis Marsson, 1878used in: FREN2000
Pseudovalvulineria gracilis (Marsson, 1878)used in: FREN2000
Stensioina stellaria (Vassilenko, ?)used in: FREN2000

Reference: FREN2000  /  WFD AphiaID: not available      
     Morphological Attributes:
Wallmaterial: hyaline
Overall appearance: coiled spirally
Coiling: trochospiral
Chamberform: triangular to trapezoid
Aperture Position: basal
Aperture Form: slit, --, --, --
Sutures: raised, curved, thickened
Ornamentation: --, --, --, keeled

identified by scientist

Upper Cretaceous
North European Plain
Ruegen Jasmund